Intermodal Asia in the news: ITCO: The return of Reg Lee

30th January 2017

A surprising outcome at ITCO's recent annual meeting in Dubai signals a change in focus for the organisation

Six years after being ousted from the post, Reginald Lee has been re-elected as president of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO). The appointment was confirmed at ITCO’s annual meeting in Dubai at the end of November 2016, where Lee’s candidacy gained the support of a majority of the board.

Lee left ITCO at the end of 2010 after a disagreement about the Organisation’s focus and, in particular, Lee’s belief that greater focus should be given to the growing significance of Asia, not just as a source of the majority of tank container construction but also as an increasing market for their employment.

As a result, Lee led the formation of the Asian Tank Container Organisation (@tco), which has worked hard in recent years to promote tank container use in Asia, not least through the development of an audit and certification process for tank cleaning and repair depots, which has helped improve standards in the sector.

Lee was encouraged to stand for president of ITCO by the @tco board, who felt that it made more sense for the two organisations to work more closely together. Since his appointment, Lee says that his aim during his two-year term as president will be to bring them both under the same administration and also to promote the participation of tank container interests from across the Americas.

Lee says he will only serve one two-year term as ITCO president this time around – he had formerly been in the post for six years. By the end of 2018 he will be 75 years of age and plans to retire – this time permanently. His targets for his term as president also include greater participation on the part of chemical industry associations and to leverage the global weight of a combined organisation in dealing with industry regulators.

Lee believes, though, that “Asia’s still where it’s at” in terms of the further development of tank container use. And his aim remains to “encourage customers to use more tanks”.

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